Below you find a list of all data sets distributed through the Earth system Data Cube (ESDC). In future versions of this document, this list will be automatically generated at ingestion of the source data sets to the ESDC and provide a more detailed reference to the original data, its official name, and the data owner. In the current version, it briefly summarizes the datasets that have been ingested to the ECDS so far (yes) or that are planned to be available in later versions (V1 or V2). For some data sets, marked with tbc here, we are in the process of clarifying technical or legal issues. We kindly remind you to respect the usage policy of the owners of the original data. Read also our remarks on Data Policy.!

Parameter Name Product Name Availability
Albedo GlobAlbedo yes
BRDF GlobAlbedo V2
Burned area Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED4) yes
Carbon and dry matter emission Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED4) yes
Evapotranspiration WACMOS II, GLEAM-WACMOS tbc
Fire hotspot ATSR world fire Atlas tbc
Fractional contributions of various fire types Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED4) tbc
Gross Primary Production FLUXCOM GPP V2
Land Surface Temperature DUE GlobTemperature V1
Latent Heat FLUXCOM AET V2
Sensible Heat FLUXCOM H V2
Soil Moisture CCI Soil Moisture (v 2.0) yes
Sun induced fluorescence SFI SCIAMACHY tbc
Snow areal extent Globsnow yes
Snow water equivalent Globsnow V1
Precipitation GPCP yes
Air temperature ERA Interim yes
Vapour DUE GlobVapour yes
Ozone Ozone CCI yes
Aerosols Aerosol CCI yes
Radiation JAXA tbc
Population distribution LandScan Global Population Database tbc
Gross Domestic Product GDP V1
Human Development Index HDI V2
Topographic Index HydroSHEDS based on GA2 V1
Biomass BIOMASAR tbc
Climate indices ENSO, NAO, AO, QBD etc. tbc
Land cover maps CCI Land Cover V1