7. Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of science!

The CAB-LAB project explicitly aims at enabling more scientists from various disciplines to not only interact with Earth System data, but also with each other. The CAB-LAB team seeks active exchange with users of any background, data owners willing to add their data to the ESDC, and developers who are interested in improving the ESDC.

There are several ways to get in contact with the CAB-LAB team and other users of the ESDC:

7.1. Code Repository

The source code is currently and will be for the foreseeable future under continuous development. Since the CAB-LAB team takes collaboration, transparency, and reproducibility seriously, the project is open source and public from the very beginning. Visit CAB-LAB’s github repository and check out the current status of the project or even contribute!

7.2. Website & Forum

Important updates on the project’s progress are frequently published on the CAB-LAB webpage: http://earthsystemdatacube.net. Moreover, in the forum of the webpage you can easily interact with project members and users! Or simply write an email to info@earthsystemdatacube.net to get in contact with the project members.